I had a chronic sinus infection for over 17 years.  My wife was about to divorce me over my snoring at night!  I had tried everything from drugs to salt water flushes and nothing fully cleared it.  Melissa cleared it in two weeks and now I have a very happy wife!   – Peter

I was suffering from bad foot and leg cramps especially at night.  After testing we worked out that I was really low on some minerals.  After taking the ones that I tested for no more cramps.  I can now get a good nights sleep. – Stephanie

After years of eye drops my eyes were still painful and dry and i found it hard to keep my contacts in. I went and saw Melissa for a few things but the most exciting thing was that after working on my digestion and my liver, my eyes have had no more pain and I don’t need to use eye drops any more – Julie

I’d been battling with menopause symptoms for a while and huge stress in my life.  Since we have been working together I’ve got my hot flushes under control, I sleep at night and I handle stress much better.  My husband thanks you! –  Jen

My doctor had tried to get me on blood pressure medication for about 5 years.  I came and saw Melissa about a natural way and to avoid medication.  To my initial disappointment she agreed with the doctor.  So on the pills I went but we also worked naturally.  We found that my old back injury from over 20 year ago was doing something to my kidneys and also an old shoulder injury that wasn’t healing.  With the mud packing and working with my diet and taking supplements eventually I decreased my medication and have now fully come off it and I have no more trouble with my shoulder. – Joe