Clay Packing

Clay therapy (or mud-packing) is a fantastic external detoxification therapy that uses highly absorbent therapeutic clays, organic sea vegetation, targeted super botanicals and ionized life enhancing minerals that have been used for centuries in many cultures to draw out deeply embedded toxins through the skin. It is a fast and safe method of detoxification while also reducing stress and load on the detoxification organs in your body.

The clay is mixed with specific herbal fluids that potentiate the drawing action of the clay. A pack is applied to specific areas of the body (as determined by the practitioner and may include scars, surgery sites, injury sites, areas of pain etc) and left on for 5 – 20 minutes then washed off.

Your session will be finished off with a cleansing and rejuvenating foot bath to further draw out any toxins released and leave you relaxed and revitalised.

Interference Fields – the deeper concept behind clay packing

If the body has received trauma to an area (such as from injury, surgery, tattoos, piercings, vaccinations, blood draws etc) interference fields can commonly develop within and around those sites of trauma. These Interference Fields can be the key overlooked factor in literally every disease: hidden, deep-seated toxicity in the ground substance (the substance that surrounds all of the fibers and cells in the body) which prevents normal nerve and “chi” (energy) flow. These embedded toxins can mean years of delayed healing or none at all creating weakened injury or illness prone areas in the body.  This disrupts the bio-electromagnetic flow through the body, acting like a powerful short circuit to the body’s natural energy flow. Even very old and forgotten scars/injury sites can be hindering optimal health years later and may in fact be at the root of a current health complaint such as old injuries that wont heal, digestive, weight or sinus issues, unstable blood pressure, insomnia, low energy… the list goes on.

Scientists have proven that there is a measurable voltage build-up against a scar, with the scar in-effect acting like an electrical “short” in the body’s bio-energy field. Through biopsies, they found that the immediate area adjacent to a scar had often become highly toxic – with a greater than normal deposition of accumulated infectious material and metabolic toxins (but unseen to the human eye). (Premier Research Laboratories)

What are the clay packs made of?

Grade 10 Volcanic and Kaolin Clays, Peat Magma, Indian Shilajit and detoxifying herbs. Premier detoxification agents used for thousands of years in many cultures.

No oxidized peat, no weak or toxic clays, no irradiated/pesticided herbs.

Spectacular Results

  • Easy to apply and very safe.
  • Can eliminate up to 50% of the local bioaccumulation of toxic elements at a target body site in a single application.
  • Quick resolution of many aches and pains, for example, hand pain, frozen shoulder, hip problems, foot neuralgia, etc.
  • Excellent for resolution of scar interference fields.
  • Powerful yet gentle organ and gland detox.
  • Benefits may also include: increased energy; improved clarity of mind; improved digestion; immune enhancement; greater sense of wellbeing.

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